Monday, March 27, 2006

Hibernat hates Spring

Hibernate is a cool object-database mapping tool. Spring a J2EE framework. They work together greatly in my previous job. Today I saw an interesting article.

I think the reason is Hibernate don't want Spring to limit its usage. Since it is a product supported by JBoss now, hibernate wants more freedeom. Not only to change its interface easier, but also upgrade itself into a framework tool, which is what Spring has been doing.

Enterprise tools just seem to be growing more and more complex and difficult to use. I hope I can still stick with EJB2 with the help of a nice eclipse plugin named Lomboz. It has some limitations, but very nice after played for a while.

Today, sounds like EJB3(Hibernate3) is the only solution. I have read some tutorial to able to discuss with people about J2EE.

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