Monday, March 27, 2006

Perforce vs CVS

In my current job, I am required to use Perforce to do version controlling. Perforce is a better versioning tool than CVS, more advanced, complicated and stable. Since I always use Eclipse as my Java IDE, I tried to find a good Perforce plugin for Eclipse. The result is not so good.

I didn't find a tool that can have "Team Synchronization" view like the CVS plugin. So when somebody else editted and checked in (submitted) a file which I didn't open for edit in my client space. I will not know such changes in Perforce. Whereas such change is very easy to view when I do a "Team Synchronization" using default CVS plugin with Eclipse. So now I can only blindly update the files I didn't open for edit in Perforce. I really don't like this idea.

Another thing I don't like is that you have to manually mark a file "Open for add" (Or delete) before you can check in(submit) the change into the depot in Perforce. When you create a file using CVS plugin, a nice commit sign will be posted on the file you just created in the Team Synchronization view, which reminds you this is a new file that should be checked into CVS.

I guess the CVS plugin is so proactive which makes me like CVS, even though I know it's not perforce's fault. I just can't find a tool equivalently powerful as the CVS plugin for Perforce. I have to live with how things work and hopefully I will like it after a while.

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